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Soft Toys

Our range of soft toys can be used as agility toys for throwing or motivating your dog. Or they can just be used for fun around the house as a reward for getting that PASS!

Glob Monster   $30 each

Octo-Knotties   $32 each
Currently out of Stock

Crunchy Monkeys   $30 each

Long & Lovely Mini - Lambie

Long & Lovely Mini - Piglet

Long & Lovely Mini - Cowpie

Panda Knottie Mini   $25
Panda Knottie Large  $40
Gingy Knottie Mini   $25
Gingy Knottie Large  $35

Woodland Knottie Mini

Woodland Knottie Mini

Woodland Knottie Mini
Raccoon   $
Currently out of Stock

Woodland Knottie Mini
Skunk   $
Currently out of Stock

Squeaky Squigglers Deluxe - 
with Ball Belly - $18 each

Currently out of Stock

Squeaky Squigglers - Lion   $18

Currently out of Stock


Snuggie Bunnies  $40

Chimp Knottie Mini   $25
Chimp Knottie Large  $40

Violet the Hedgehog - Small $8
Violet the Hedgehog - Large $18
Possum $15

Currently out of Stock

Bugsy Blue - Small $25
Bugsy Blue - Large $40

Bugsy Green - Small $25
Bugsy Green - Large $40










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