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Rehydrate   $15 per tube

Rehydrate is the first effervescent rehydration supplement for dogs designed to replenish lost electrolytes and spent energy. It can be given before, during and after workouts, hard play or any form of exercise or vigorous activity such as agility, flyball, retrieving etc. Packaged in a convenient tube for travel, each tube contains 10 tablets. 1 tablet dissolves in 470ml.

Developed in conjunction with a doctor of veterinary medicine who specialises in animal nutrition at a leading university in the United States - Rehydrate is designed to give canines a more effective hydration system than drinking plain water. Water has no flavour so it is difficult for most active dogs to consume enough to stay well hydrated. Research has shown that dogs will consume more of a flavoured drink than that of just plain water. In addition, water contains no electrolytes and therefore cannot help to replace electrolytes such as sodium, chloride and potassium. Also included are Vitamin C and other antioxidant minerals geared to promote general wellness.

During prolonged exercise, humans that do not hydrate will experience increased heart rate, increased core body temperature and a reduced sweat rate. This is caused by dehydration and the body attempts to retain all available fluid without any additional way to cool down. Dogs on the other hand do NOT sweat as profusely as humans do; they rely on their tongue and the pads on their feet to regulate and dispel heat. In this regard, regulation of fluid levels becomes more important to control heart rate and core body temperature. By helping to maintain normal heart and temperature conditions, the animal is less likely to suffer from the fatigue associated with exercise.

Veterinarians use fluid replacement frequently to treat dogs that suffer electrolyte loss through diarrhea and vomiting. They create an "isotonic" solution that will mimic the ion levels found in the blood stream (285 mOsmol/kg of water) and essentially rebalance the system by saturating the plasma with any lost ions. Rehydrate can be used therapeutically at a two-tablet dose to provide the best hydration for animals that have pronounced fluid losses.

For some dogs it may be necessary to introduce Rehydrate into their water slowly so that they get used to the taste.





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